9th Sept 2004 - A second release is out incorporating changes from Chris Puncher. You can now output global system statistics as well as being able choose to output memory stats in kilobytes instead of bytes.


Procinf is a simple command line tool for collecting and displaying statistics about running processes on win32 systems.

It can monitor any number of processes and print and produce a csv file for each detailing memory usage, handle count, thread count etc. It can be configured to snapshot the statistics at any time interval and is intended for use when soak testing applications over periods of days and check for resource leaks.

Once the test is over the csv file can easily be imported into your favourite spreadsheet application and the results charted.


It is run as follows from a command line:

procinf -console -csv -t60 -sys -k 657 857


-console specifies that the statistics should be output to the console.
-csv specifies that a csv file containing the statistics should be written for each process being monitored.
-t60 specifies that the stats should be produced every 60 seconds.
-sys output system stats as well.
-k output requested memory stats in Kbytes.
The remaining arguments are the pids of the processes to watch.

Get Procinf

Procinf is distributed as source under the GPL.

Download procinf now: (67k)