DiceWare passphrase and password generator

Diceware is a method for choosing passwords and passphrases which consist of several easy to remember words selected from a list using dice throws. For more information about diceware please visit the diceware home page.

Diceware is, of course, open source and freely available on https://github.com/biddster/diceware. You can download a standalone version of the DiceWare application here https://github.com/biddster/diceware/releases. Note that you'll need a recent version of Java installed (i.e. Java 6 and above).

I particularly like the diceware method as it allows users to create passphrases which are relatively easy to remember and type. They are also secure and provided that enough words are used, it is highly unlikely that they can be broken using current computing power.

Strictly speaking one should use real dice throws to select words from the diceware word list but I don't always have dice lying around so I created this applet to generate passphrases for me.

This applet does not in any way communicate back to biddell.co.uk. Passwords are generated on your machine and do not leave your browser.